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Mobile Push Campaigns

Mobile push campaigns are revenue generating interactive mobile marketing services

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Unified Campaign Manager

(For Mobile Carriers) 

Mobile Push Campaign Solutions: Creating the mobile push service is just the beginning of the product life cycle. Unified Campaign Manager is a platform offered to telecommunication carriers, which allows Publishers to create mobile push campaigns delivered through SMS, S@T, USSD, or an Outbound Call(OBD/IVR).

Campaign Buzz


Creating a marketing campaign can help create social media conversations from your users about your product/brand. Our Campaign Buzz solution allows the publisher to monitor the social conversations, measure the overall sentiment (positive, neutral or negative), and engage in real time with social influencers. This real-time tool, gives you the power of Now engagement.

Digital Presence Creators

(All Businesses) 

Our team of experienced mobile solution consultants will work with you to understand your business needs and design an effective mobile service to meet your objective. Once the design is agreed we’ll introduce our modern graphic designers who will lay out your mobile service to prepare for the handover to our iOS, Android, and/or HTML5 developers.